MOTHER's Bi-Monthly Almanac: Revolving Tether Stake, Inexpensive Irrigation and Keep Yarn Untangled

MOTHER's Bi-Monthly Almanac shares tips on how to create a revolving tether stake, using an inexpensive irrigation system and keeping yarn untangled.

| July/August 1978

MOTHER's Bi-Monthly Almanac helps homesteaders solve problems, this issue learn how to keep yarn untangled, use an inexpensive irrigation system and revolving tether stake.

A Dandy Handle for Brownbags

So, the next time you have to brownbag anything, fold some twine into the neck of the sack. When the ends are tied, you'll wind up with both a convenient handle and a leakproof "seal" to prevent any of the contents from escaping.

A Revolving Tether Stake

Nine times out of ten, an animal tethered to a straight stake in the ground will wind the rope around the post till his movement becomes quite limited. An angled pin, however, can largely eliminate the critter's problem.

Just fashion a 22-inch length of 1-inch round iron rod, making sure to add an "eye" for tying and a "shoulder" to aid in driving the spike into the earth.

Now your pet, baby calf, goat, or whatever can move freely within the area you've selected for it.

Inexpensive Irrigation

Here's an easy — yet effective — way to give young transplants a good, strong start in dry weather.

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