Review of EZ Mover Hitch

| 8/18/2011 12:05:44 PM

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EZ Mover on Tractor With HitchI needed the ability to move trailers around my property, just small utility trailers and pop-up campers, nothing large. I found the EZ Mover from Summit Fabrications, Inc. I chose this because it has a standard 2" receiver and mounts to the draw bar I already had and cost about $100 shipped. My Ford 4000 is a row crop version and while it has a mount for a ball, that mount puts the ball so high off the ground and causes the back of most trailers to drag. When I mounted a ball to the draw bar I always had trouble with the draw bar rotating, even with the side bracket that was supposed to stop it.

This item solves exactly my need at a decent price. Keep in mind I have a Ford 4000 & 2N so these are not large tractors and I am not moving large trailers. There is also no provision for a gooseneck trailer, but since I don't have one and do not see one in my future this is not an issue for me. Summit has other models if your needs differ from mine and based on the quality of my EZ Mover I would recommend them. Another thing to be aware of that a three point hitch does not have any down pressure, so if your trailer ever gets tail heavy the hitch will not keep the tongue down.

The EZ Mover is the black part in the picture below.EZ Mover  

Photos by Jerry Ward 

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