Repurposing for Home Decor

| 3/16/2015 10:16:00 AM

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I feel clever, creative and frugal when I repurpose items to meet my needs in functional home décor. There is a special energy to the repurposing process. Supplies often guide the design, filling it with story and intention, love and care. The project holds the spirit of those who bartered or gifted supplies toward the efforts—in this case, a friend, a relative, and a fish.

I like repurposing because it is resource-conscious: each time I avoid purchasing something from new resources, I’ve made an earth-friendly decision. And it’s homesteader frugal in a great way, as every penny saved is a penny earned. Since I work for myself farming, those savings are my winter paycheck. Winter allows me some time to focus on my house before I get busy in the greenhouse. Here are some of this winter's repurposing projects:


I had been planning a curtain installation in my bedroom for some time. My bedroom has two full walls of windows. I collected Brazilian coffee bags for $1-5 each from some local sources. I chose to buy curtain rods, but I considered tree branches and dowels and clothesline. It is also worth looking for viable options in the attic, of course. The burlap is cool and lets light through nicely, but I made a last minute change of plans.

I recently acquired some shawls and wraps, cashmere and silk, all lovely. I dropped the coffee bag idea and draped the shawls and scarves over the pole. I can only wear one shawl at a time, but the curtain rod can wear them all! Simple and versatile. I love fibers and fabrics of all kinds. I can change them up by mood or season. Pull them back or clear them off for more sunlight. Yank one off to wrap around my shoulders when I’m cold. Challenge: to clip them? My pole is too fat for decorated clothespins, but I’m on the lookout.



Funny how I couldn't bring myself to buy a potholder. What fun is that?? I considered making a knit-felted potholder. But then I found a big piece of thick wool left in my fabric stash. I cut it into squares. Done. I plan to fold one in half and sew it longways to slip onto cast iron pot handles. 

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