Why We Renounced Materialism, Moved Into a Travel Trailer, and Began a Homesteading Journey

| 3/5/2017 8:31:00 PM

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Ontario Homestead House And Gardens

In 45 days, we finally get started on our brand new home. It’s been a long winter living in a 17-foot camper in 40 below zero. I haven’t met anyone yet outside of YouTube or the self-sufficiency movement that doesn’t think we’re crazy. Whatever. Four years ago, we were so in debt:  Super-high mortgage, two brand new cars — but for what? To look good driving through Tim Horton’s while I bought my daily chemical coffee before work?

Maybe I made the choices I did to impress some stranger? Maybe it just made me feel better than everyone else? The motives surrounding materialism are complex, but it certainly slows a person down in life when you’re an average stiff like me. Our materialism — which may or may not be our “fault” in the beginning defiantly was our fault in the end.

Transition from Materialism to Increasing Self-Sufficiency

“Waking up” had definably changed who we are, both inside and what we project to strangers now. Although our transition out of materialism was scary at first, we are increasingly grateful we became “hip” to the real world and its traps that support the goals and desires of Big Business.

I took my new Ford back to the dealer and bought a $500 truck as a first step. That was an extra 900 bucks a month we had extra. Then my wife’s new car: We traded that for a year’s worth of food storage. It was paid for, so no real savings there — just two years’ worth of freeze-dried survival food. (Now my wife drives an old Jeep.)

The second thing we did was GET OUT OF THE CITY. Our home was 3,900 square feet of urban overpricing.After that $400,000 debt was gone, wow! We had money again.

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