Recycling Mouse Pads Into Shoe Insoles

Learn about recycling mouse pads to make walking a breeze. The durable foam material of mouse pads makes them a great free source for making your own shoe insoles.

| February/March 2002

By recycling mouse pads into shoe insoles you get a much more comfortable insole than is usually available in stores. 

The durable foam material in mouse pads make them a great free source for making your own boot insoles. Recycling mouse pads for shoe insoles is easy. Simply trace around each foot while standing on a pad, then allow for a bit more material all around. Trim to fit with scissors.

My relatively small Size 8s mean two pads are generally just right. Larger-footed folks will probably need a third pad in order to have enough material to piece together.

R. Himes
Vienna, Ohio

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