Reasons I Joined a Cooperative Living Situation

| 8/19/2015 2:58:00 PM

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So, you get your college degree, or drop out — or some amalgamation of both/neither — then ask yourself, what the heck does a so-called “hippie” do now?

I completed three out of four years of peace building and writing degrees (basically a program of study as nebulously social science-y as I could find) and have had the tremendous good fortune to find myself now living with my best friends on two acres of land in quasi-rural Appalachia.

Our dream is to work our way to living entirely off-grid, and fill our bellies with permaculture- raised farm food. That’s the short version at least.

8/25/2015 7:30:13 AM

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Just be sure to have a plan for disability (either unexpected or due to age). The day will come when you can't work in the fields, and may even need help for your basic needs. Relying on your network to help puts an enormous burden on them when they, too, are spending so much of their time working and meeting their own needs. By continuing to work and pay taxes you will quickly build up the 40 credits you need to draw Social Security starting at age 62, or to draw disability much earlier if something happens. Too often I read of grand plans - which I'll admit are tempting - of going completely off-grid, but don't take this into consideration. A truly sustainable plan needs to account for all stages of your life.

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