Heritage Turkeys

Best Breeds, Hatch Your Own, Raise a Healthy Flock, Turkey Recipes

Beautiful and helpful in controlling pests, heritage turkeys are easy to raise and fun to watch. Plus, by raising turkeys at home, you'll have farm-fresh turkey for home-cooked meals. We’ve assembled our best articles on selecting, hatching and raising heritage turkey breeds, including the wonderful Midget White turkey. Also, don’t miss our turkey recipes for everything from Thanksgiving classics to gluten-free pot pies.

Midget White Turkeys 

A History of the Midget White Turkey  By J. R. Smyth Jr. and B.C. Wentworth Midget White Turkey

This is a rare firsthand look at how and why a rare breed of turkey was developed, was rescued from near extinction, and may become popular once more.

The Midget White Turkey: A Great Heritage Turkey Breed for Any Homestead By Jeannette Beranger 

If you’re seeking a small, productive heritage turkey breed with an excellent temperament to raise on your homestead, look no further than the Midget White.

Why the Midget White Turkey is the Perfect Homestead Turkey By Troy Griepentrog