More on Raising Rabbits for Food

MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers provide more information on raising rabbits for food in response to a previous article.

| July/August 1975

MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers express their thoughts on a previous article about raising rabbits for food, and share their own experiences and successes with raising rabbits. 


In regard to the articles in MOTHER EARTH NEWS NO. 32 on raising rabbits as a source of cheap meat, or for profit: There are a few hitches which Mr. Bell and Mr. Bode fail to mention. The fact is that the economics work out fine. . . given one or more of the following conditions.

That you have:

(1) A source of rabbit food less expensive than pellets.
(2) A guarantee that you'll be able to freeze or sell each litter at exactly eight weeks of age.
(3) A market for the hides, manure, or feet.

Most small-time rabbit raisers can rule out conditions 1 and 3 and are stuck with 2, which is the clincher. The eight week date is critical, you see, because that's when the bunnies food conversion efficiency peaks. After eight weeks of age, each animal gains less weight per pound of feed consumed. . . and unless you can freeze or sell the entire litter at this ideal point in time, the meat you raise becomes progressively more expensive.

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