Raising Goats for Farm-Fresh Dairy

Read a homesteader's guide to raising goats, including information on feeding, housing and milking goats as well as facts on goat breeds.

| March/April 1970

Nubian Goats

Raising goats, such as this Nubian Ibex kid, is often underrated.

Photo by Fotolia/Hagit Berkovich

Of all our farm animals, the least appreciated by city friends who visit us are our goats.

"Goats! You don't actually keep goats, my goodness, why?"

"Have you ever tasted goat milk?" we ask.

"No — and I don't want to," is the answer more often than not. But, possibly at lunch time, we serve them two half-filled glasses of milk. "One is goat milk — one is cow milk . . . Just for fun, tell us which is which," we say.

Almost invariably our city guests can't tell them apart. Sometimes, if they've read that goat milk is whiter they can guess. But they always are amazed that our goat milk has no "strong" taste.

In the face of the public's misunderstanding of the dairy goat, it takes courage to decide to keep them. Here's how we happened to do so.

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