Putting Your Free-Range Chickens to Bed

Our Facebook fans share their secret tricks on corralling their free-range chickens!

| February 21, 2014

Free Range Chickens

Free-range chickens can have a mind of their own, so our Facebook fans offered some sage advice on how to corral these feathered friends.

Photo by Fotolia/sherjaca

Ever want to lock in your free-range chickens for the night, but they really want to stay outside and play? Maybe you need to get your rooster out of the way so you can harvest eggs, or you'd like to secure your birds before their normal "bedtime" so you can catch an evening movie?

Sure, you may be able to train chickens to come running to wherever you want them by simply giving them some treats, but we want to hear of other tricks and tactics our Facebook fans use for corralling their birds. Read some of our favorite responses, and check out these helpful tips for raising chickens in your backyard.

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Valachia Bell Mine always comes running when my daughter goes outside. They love her!

Susan Forsythe Pearson When the heat lamp goes on, they’re in the coop by dusk. They do have a mind of their own, so I just wait to close them up for the night.

3/12/2014 7:56:11 AM

We have a Female Red Doberman Pinscher ( Harlee ) that herds the chickens for me. Damndest thing i ever saw a Doberman do, and she took to doing it all by herself. I tell her " Lets go get the birds" and she jumps up ready to go !!

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