Learn Self-Reliant City Living with Radical Urban Sustainability Training

| 6/21/2010 11:02:01 AM

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Although I dream of someday creating my own self-sufficient lifestyle in the country, I realize that I will simply have to remain a city-dweller for a few years if I want work to quickly pay back my student loans. I am sure that many other eco-dreamers dwell in city apartments, yearning for the simple life. But an upcoming course in Radical Urban Sustainability Training makes me wonder if we can have the best of both worlds.RUST

Radical Urban Sustainability stresses implementing affordable, sustainable systems for city dwellers. If you are tired of depending on the external world for your food, power and water just because you live in a city/suburban house or apartment, you could learn how to break away from the system in a two-day-long boot camp on urban self-reliance. You will discover how to maximize your space by raising micro-livestock, growing gardens, cultivating mini-ecosystems and creating your own energy. Participants will learn to build self-reliant infrastructure by utilizing salvaged and recycled materials. Curriculum focuses on the interrelatedness of sustainability to social justice. The course description states that the RUST systems can apply to either urban or rural environments — even in apartment spaces! Expect a constant stream of hands-on activities, demos and lectures throughout the two days.

7/11/2010 8:19:52 PM

Just got home from the RUST workshop in Albany NY. It was a wonderful experience. As a person who is in early 60's, I was overjoyed to meet the generation between 18 and 30 who are the present and upcoming activists. They are all involved with the betterment of the people and environments of the cities. AND.....Scott and Stacey are their gurus. What better event to bring them together with like minded, extremely intelligent, and motivated teachers and students!!! Would highly recommend to anyone searching for the positive to attend the next workshop in October. Its well worth your time to be in the presence of the teachers and students. And the caterers were fantastico....

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