Quirky Character of Pekin and Khaki Campbell Ducks

| 2/20/2017 6:46:00 PM

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Three Backyard Ducks In Snow

Farmyards are fully diverse and integrated communities. They are societies in which different species of animals play differing, varying, and interesting roles. The animals of Stony Kreek Farm are no different.

One such instance is that of our resident "doctors." Yes, our ducks are the physicians of the barnyard. They walk around consulting with one another, quacking to themselves and at the other animals. Ducks are very social creatures and are known for their intelligence.

Comparing Pekin and Khaki Campbell Ducks

We own a total of three ducks: two Pekin hens and one Khaki Campbell drake, or male duck. The Pekin duck originally came from China. It is a member of the Mallard family. The Pekin is best known for its meat and docile temperament. It lays up to 200 eggs per year. When you buy a duck in the grocery store, it is most likely a butchered Pekin.

The Khaki Campbell is a hybrid of several breeds. They originated in Great Britain over 100 years ago. A woman named Adel Campbell crossed Mallards, Rouens, and Indian Runner ducks to produce the breed that is named for her. They are docile in temperament and are known for their laying ability. The Khaki Campbell is known to lay up to 300 eggs a year.

The day begins early at Stony Kreek Farm. Fritz, the Appenzeller Spitzhaben rooster, awakens everyone and everything at 5am. Soon thereafter, you can hear a very loud quack! (Meet Fritz in an earlier post.)

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