Purchasing and Managing Pastured Pigs

| 2/4/2016 10:05:00 AM

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How does it feel to be outsmarted by an animal? Really, we think we are so smart (at least I do) but it’s always humbling to have an animal outsmart you or see right through your apparently transparent façade. This is how life with pigs can be.

My first hands on experience was accumulated while I was at Polyface, where I had the special opportunity to take charge of the pastured pig operation on the farm and orchestrate the moving, feeding, and overall monitoring of the several hundred pigs that were under my care.

It was awesome.

Pigs quickly became my favorite animal on the farm. Why? They are smart. It takes brains and steadfast management to care for them correctly in the format of pastured pork (how it was played out at Polyface, anyway). I also knew that my parent’s property, where I was planning on returning  and starting up a family farm, is a savanna terrain that consists of a variety of oaks — an acorn smorgasbord during certain seasons of the year.

My mind’s eye could see pigs running here and there eating to their hearts content and building some of the tastiest meat I could ever have the luxury of eating. I also knew that pigs would be a good middle ground animal that could bring a delightful variety of product I could offer my consumers, and wouldn’t carry the higher startup costs that cows would (considering the price of animals as well as infrastructure).

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