Protect Livestock With Electric Fencing

Homesteaders can keep predators out while they protect livestock with electric fencing, includes how electric fencing works, the fencing power supply and electric fencing tricks.

| August/September 2003

Learn how you can protect livestock with electric fencing.

Japhy, a pup from the city, didn't know what a chicken was when he first moved to the farm, but he thought our Silver Laced Wyandottes looked interesting, so he ran right over to play with them.

He never got close to the birds. The instant his big, black, wet nose touched the electrified netting that surrounds the laying hens' pen, Japhy let out a terrified yelp. He jumped, spun clear around in mid-air and took off running in the other direction, squealing in protest and fright.

Relax, dog lovers. Mr. Japhy wasn't injured one little bit. Yes, a quick electric shock hurts. Getting hit with a few thousand volts, for even 1/3,000th of a second, does cause a bit of pain. But that's the whole idea: The shock inflicts no physical damage, but it does leave a lasting impression.

Japhy learned his lesson. He hasn't gone anywhere near the chickens again — except on a leash, to pose for his picture.

In recent years, electric fencing innovations have revolutionized some forms of livestock grazing and protection, and garden crop protection, too.

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