Prepping for Minor Emergencies

| 5/23/2011 7:36:32 PM

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Rescue LadderWith all the talk these days about prepping for major events like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, tornadoes and all the other wildness Mother Nature is throwing at us, there's something getting lost - and that's emergency planning for less dramatic occasions.

Bottom line - if you're prepping for major emergencies, you've probably got the minor ones covered, but if you haven't even started prepping yet, or all your preparation has been 'big picture', creating a level of domestic preparedness will definitely provide some peace of mind.

There are unexpected things that happen every day that at worst can be deadly (like a simple fall resulting in a serious head injury) and at minimum will put you into a stress response.  And let's face it, you really don't need extra stress - we all know what it does to a body.  And if you live in an isolated rural area, prepping for such events is even more important.

Locked Out

One recent morning, I was working happily at my home office, listening to the birds, building a new header for a client's website and updating my homesteading Facebook page.  With a brilliant (or so I thought at the time) idea for a Twitter post, I headed out to the back porch to take a quick pic with my iPhone, shutting the door behind me to keep the chill out.  Big mistake.

Somehow - and I still haven't figured out how it happened - the door locked.

So there I was, hair still wet from a shower, iPhone in hand, and a client meeting in 35 minutes, a 10 minute drive away.  No cell service, no car keys, and not a soul around.  At that moment, I was wishing I wasn't so security minded and had left a spare key somewhere by the front door.

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