Preparing to Homestead, Part 2

| 1/21/2016 3:42:00 PM

Tags: preparedness, homesteading inspiration, traditional skills, Sean and Monica Mitzel, Idaho,

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In the military, we were taught combat first aid with these four life-saving steps: Stop the bleeding, start the breathing, protect the wound and treat for shock. I want to relate these life-saving steps to handling finances in preparing to homestead.

Stop the Bleeding

Most people, in our modern culture, believe the lie that tells us we need to build credit by working on our FICO score. Lots of strategies exist to improve scores over a certain amount without ever considering the purpose of the score. What is the purpose of having a good credit score? So you can borrow more money. How do you raise your credit score? Borrow more money. Do you see the pattern? The system desires that you stay in perpetual debt. Homesteading with a lot of debt is very prohibitive. It almost guarantees the requirement for an off-homestead job.

The first step is to stop the bleeding. Stop adding debt. This is a really important step. Stop making excuses, put the pressure bandage on the wound directly press down until it hurts. We need to stop calling things needs that are really wants. You need to make sacrifices. Take a hard look at yourself. Are you addicted to shopping? How much are you eating out? Most likely more than you think.

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