Preparing Your Homestead Rabbits for Winter

| 1/8/2016 10:23:00 AM

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Esther, a rex doe, bunkered down in her straw filled hutch on a cold winter’s day.

We often talk about preparing our chickens and other livestock for winter, but rarely about preparing our rabbits. It could be the fact that rabbits are pretty resilient when it comes to winter weather, but believe it or not, they need extra warmth and tending to as well.

I have heard plenty of horror stories from people who were unprepared, or not tentative enough to what the weather was doing to their herd. For these reasons, I would really like to get the proper information out there as to what we ourselves do for our rabbits in the winter months.

When we first started our rabbit journey, I maybe went a little overboard on protecting them through cold weather. But I would rather be over protective than not prepared enough. Last year I read on a social media site where a local "homesteader" lost all her rabbit herd to a big freeze. But the reality is that she was careless. Her rabbit's living areas were not covered in plastic or stacked with straw to help break the winter wind. They didn't have extra straw to burrow into. And their water was frozen and only changed once a day. This is the wrong way to do it.

With just a few simple tricks, your herd will be ready to go this winter!

1. Replacing Water Bottles with Crocks

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