Practical Advice on Heritage Chickens and Eggs

Reader Contribution by Troy Griepentrog
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It’s time to get serious about heritage chickens. Maybe you keep a few hens for eggs or have raised some chickens for meat. Buying a few birds a year provides one marketing avenue for small farmers who are trying to rescue or maintain older breeds of chickens, but if you’re serious about breed conservation, Talking Chicken: Practical Advice on Heirloom Chickens and Eggs is a wonderful resource to help you build a flock, regardless  whether you start with hatching eggs, an order of chicks or adult birds (or some combination of those).

The book offers much more than advice on breed selection and maintaining a healthy flock. It’s filled with colorful anecdotes, snippets of history and practical marketing advice from a farmer who’s been raising and selling poultry and eggs for years.

The book covers selection, breeding, raising and marketing heritage chickens and eggs. Poultry experts from around the country have contributed short pieces that are interspersed throughout the book to round out the information.

If you’re serious about conserving a heritage breed of poultry or want to create a poultry business, you’ll want to add this book to your library.