How to Attract Bugs for Free-Range Chickens

Provide a bug feast for your free-range chickens with this simple and inexpensive recommendation.

| August/September 2015

Chicken Coop

By leaving a light on for your chickens, you can attract tasty bugs into the hen house.

Photo by Fotolia/Roman Gorielov

I raise free-range chickens. I’ve found that if I place a small outdoor light close to the ground for a few hours each evening, bugs attracted to the light provide a feast for my chickens to enjoy.

Nathan Roberts
Elberton, Georgia

3/9/2016 10:48:33 AM

I used to also place 2X4's around and other objects so my chicks could have some items to "play" with and jump on. Occasionally I would move them around to expose the bugs and worms under them. The chickens would go nuts! Move the feeders and the watering bowel too. My girls were great mousers and snaker-s also...And once, a poor young Roadrunner my husband had to rescue from them! He had to grab it out from under them and put it over the fence. I think maybe Roadrunner ran all the way to Mississippi before he stopped, lol.

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