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| 6/16/2017 9:04:00 AM

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In a recent Mother Earth News magazine I was pleasantly surprised to see a blurb article about Roam Sticks – pork jerky products from John and Holly Arbuckle's of LaPlata, MO.  We became friends with John and Holly during our time at the Possibility Alliance which is just a couple miles down the road from their Singing Prairie Farm.  Back then, they were both working hard to grow their businesses – Holly as an acupuncturist and John as a farmer.

When we first started raising pigs on our urban homestead in Reno, John was an important mentor who happily answered all my newbie questions about raising, shooting, and butchering hogs. John’s knowledge and self-deprecating humor were super helpful as we navigated hog heaven on our homestead.   


I called John after reading the article to catch up and hear more about Roam Sticks: They’d come a long way with them since their crowdfunding campaign of a few years back.  And, like with any small farmer following a dream, I wanted to learn how it all came together and where they were heading with them.  What he shared was inspiring and fascinating and seemed like good fodder for a blog post.

However, before I get to the Roam Sticks, I want to share a few stories about John (after all, this is my blog post).

One of my fondest memories of John is from a Halloween evening we shared with our children.  All of the parents had been dreading the toxic candy our kids would soon be collecting but there was no way we weren’t going to trick or treat.  With our youngins all dressed up and raring to go, John showed up with a bag of grapes, apples, pencils and the like. As our group toddled towards each house John would dash ahead and give the goodies to the homeowner before our kids reached the door.  The wee ones were none the wiser and thrilled with what they were given.   

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