Managing Pond Weeds: Your Pond Toolbox

| 5/8/2014 10:10:00 AM

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OK, let’s get into the different tools to manage our pond weeds.

The cheapest tool is our hands. Just like weeding the garden or flower bed, we can do the same in the pond to keep areas clear of weeds, manage areas we want clear and remove the mass, or biomass, of weeds before winter sets. Fall is a good time for this, because we want to get the weeds out before seeds drop and the weeds are strong, not decaying like they would be in spring.

Aquatic Weed Cutter

Looking at tools we can use to clean, cut, remove and even kill weeds will help our hands a bit and get the job done a little faster, but it's still going to take some work cutting the weeds and removing them from the pond.

Aquatic Tools for Pond Management

Aquatic weed cutter is a tool that comes with a two-piece handle, making the total cutter reaching out to 11’ from shore to be tossed in the pond and pulled back to shore in a jerking motion, cutting weeds along the way with a 28” wide pass. Some weeds will be cut and some of the weeds will entangle around the cutter. After a couple passes, you’ll see the difference the cutter has made and the weeds that have been cut will be floating on the water, don’t worry about them yet. The next tool takes care of the cut floating weeds.

Floating RakeThe floating rake would then be used to toss out into the pond to retrieve the floating weeds that have been cut. You can even take the float off the rake to let the rake sink to the bottom and pull the rake in to capture partially cut weeds still attached at the bottom of the pond. The floating rake also has an 11’ handle and 36” wide pass. Plus, the rake comes with a 20’ length of rope to be able to reach farther out in the pond. The rake and weed cutter can be a great pair of tools for the pond toolbox to manage the weeds, keeping a fishing lane open or getting the mass of potential muck out of the pond before it ends up decaying.

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