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| 2/17/2014 9:05:00 AM

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No two ponds are alike, even if they are on the same property.

I know this sounds strange, but having living proof really brought out that statement as we watched our ponds evolve year after year. The most obvious differences in these two ponds are plant life and water clarity — and these factors differ for our two ponds. One would think that being on the same property and sharing the same watershed they would be the same.

Watershed overview

Let’s take a closer look to see what makes these ponds different.

First up is the construction of the ponds and the land they were built on. The big horseshoe-shaped pond was the first pond we built. Compared to the little pond, there was massive amounts of earth moved from the back of the pond to the front where the dam was built. Previous to our arrival on the property, it was a planted field for years receiving fertilizer and chemical weed control. Over the years, these fertilizers and chemicals leached into the ground, and after the pond was built, we stirred all of this up only to expose it once again to be used by the pond. The little pond had less earth movement and only had the pond dug and compacted with clay.

Zooming out a little way, we see the watershed for the ponds are fed from the same property but a closer look reveals that the little pond receives its water from the wooded area and grassy, non-mowed area, while the large pond receives water from the overflow of the smaller pond but also there is more mowed yard in its watershed.

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