Plug a Leaky Radiator with Pepper, Make Dog Walk Cleanup Easier with Sawdust, and More Country Lore

Code kids' clothes for matching outfits, bait mousetraps with a field corn kernel, keep garden tools from rusting with paste wax, three ways to catch flies, and other household tips from MOTHER's readers.

| November/December 1990


Keep sparrows out of bluebird houses with corncobs.


Through the years we've all discovered a few practical, time-tested solutions to some of the frustrating little problems of everyday life. Here are some of our readers' favorites.

Plug a Leaky Radiator with Pepper

The radiator in my car had a small leak, so my father told me to put in one or two teaspoons of pepper while the car was running. Sure enough, it plugged up the hole and lasted almost six months until I could afford another radiator.

—Sally Charles, West Springfield, Pennsylvania 

Get Rid of Sap with Fingernail Polish Remover

Rather than using smelly kerosene or harsh gasoline to remove pine sap from your skin, try fingernail polish remover. It does not burn or irritate the skin, and the sap comes off in a single wipe.

—Rhonda Dodson, Lynchburg, Virginia 

Use Kitty Litter for Winter Tire Traction

During bad winter weather, I carry a bag of kitty litter in the car along with a shovel. Litter sprinkled under the drive wheels for traction has helped get me out of a number of slick spots.

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