Avoiding the Pitfalls Of Failing as a New Homesteader

| 3/31/2017 7:35:00 AM

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A couple weeks ago I created  a video about the unfortunate reality of when people fail at homesteading and get to the exhausting point of throwing up their hands and exclaiming "I'm done."

 My good friend Patara Maslow of Appalachia Homestead was the first one who addressed this topic in her neck of the woods of Tennessee. We both discussed the subject at length. As a successful homesteader off the grid, I recognize the key to a  self-sustainable walk starts with being acutely aware of what you are diving into. This then involves keen preparation, planning and a assessment of your own weaknesses and strengths.

You will need to look at your homestead in a manner that asks yourself "What do I need to live, what do I require to be less dependent on others and more independent on myself? What can I do to plan for success, avoid failure and avoid saying "I'm done!"

So lets address what you as a newbie homesteader can easily implement to get you kick started in the right direction for a successful journey.

Source Of Heat

Heat is a priority for homesteads. For many who want self sustainability wood becomes the preferred method. With that said going out and buying a wood stove , a rocket stove or having a fireplace will not simply create preparedness for your heating needs nor make you a expert.

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