HOMEGROWN Life: What Could Have Been and What I Hope Won’t Be

| 5/22/2013 10:34:00 AM

Tags: water supply, Keystone XL Pipeline, FarmAid and Homegrown.org, Bryce Oates,

This month I’m writing to my HOMEGROWN friends about the ominous tale of what could have been.

I could have written about happy things.

handful of morel mushroomsI could have written about morel mushroom season, one of life’s glorious pleasures.

I could have written about our booming garden produce. We’re harvesting small volumes of mixed salad greens, spinach, turnips, mixed mustards, brassicas for braising, and beautiful radishes.

I could have written about the continued love-hate relationship I have with my goat herd, the goats having broken into our house one Saturday while we were out on the soccer field. They broke a lot of stuff, including lamps, coffee mugs, various canned goods, my son’s favorite illustrated poster of Greek deities, dozens of house plants, a prized National Geographic poster from the former Soviet Union, my sons’ taxonomy project (two months in the making), and much more. They got on both boys’ beds and tracked up their bedclothes with mud and manure and fur. Well, this wasn’t funny at the time, but in hindsight I suppose I can laugh about it.

But instead I’m going to write about a more serious matter that has reared its head on the western Missouri plains. Big oil is expanding, and it has me and many others in my small community deeply concerned.

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