Photo of the Week: Alpaca Cria

| 3/18/2011 3:31:27 PM

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Photo of the Week Alpaca CiraNose to nose, this alpaca lover gets right up next this alpaca cria, which I learned means baby alpaca in Spanish. You know you enjoy your animals when you take out your morning coffee out on your stroll to say hello to your fuzzy friends. And in this case, Sadie (nice nametags, by the way) enjoys the morning visitor as well.

At my house we have llamas none of which you can get that close to. Before we got them, they were just allowed to be wild and had little interaction with humans. In turn, they keep their distance from anyone who comes near them. Even a handful of corn can’t bring them in. Maybe someone day we will have one that actually likes our presence.

While these alpacas and my llamas act different socially, the breeds have a lot in common. They both come from the “llama” family. To learn more about the history and care for a llama, check out All About Raising Llamas. If you are more interested in alpacas and their excellent wool, see Making Alpaca Yarn at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR.

I hope you enjoy learning about these quirky, cute animals as much as I did. I know some of my friends and family have.

Thank you CU photographer BenchmarkAlpacas for submitting your photo this week. Check out BenchmarkAlpacas’s Alpaca Cria gallery for cute and friendly alpaca photos.

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