MOTHER EARTH NEWS Guide to Natural Dogs

From dog breeds to dog feed MOTHER EARTH NEWS has all your dog needs.

Our dogs are more than companions, they’re partners. Laboring before sunup and after sundown, they’re some of the hardest workers on the farm and ranch, and they’re often the most reliable hunting partner you can find. They’re also joyful family members and fierce property protectors.

Whether you’re choosing the best dog breed for your farm, homestead, or ranch, or ensuring that you’re providing the healthiest food and healthcare for your hardest worker in the house or on the “back forty,” MOTHER EARTH NEWS has always been a resource for your stubborn, self-reliant puppy, your strong-willed hiking partner, and your dependable old friend. 


Working Dogs Livestock Guardian Dog Best Guard Dog
Working Dogs for Special Jobs Before You Buy a Livestock Guardian Dog or Puppy The Best Guard Dog for Your Homestead
From herding livestock to assisting people with disabilities, these dogs earn their keep as working dogs.
Choosing a pup or a dog from one of these breeds gives you the very best chance of success. Find the best guard dog for your homestead with these training tips and advice on guard dog breeds.
Adoption Considerations Perfect Pooch  
Considerations Before Adopting A Dog Pick a Perfect Pooch for Your Pastures   
Check list for anyone who is planning to adopt a dog.  Herding dogs, livestock-guardians, and vermin-control dogs  all have a special place on the farm.  


Hot Spots First Aid for Your Farm Dog Dog Allergy Relief
Let a Veterinarian Treat Dog Hot Spots First Aid for Your Farm Dog How to Provide Dog Allergy Relief and Soothe Dry Skin
Hot spots such as moist dermatitis and moist eczema should be treated by a veterinarian. Learn how to care for poisoning, bleeding wounds, fractures, vomiting, diarrhea and more. Take care of dog allergies by adding probiotics to meals and avoiding shampoo during baths.
Homestead Dog Health Natural Flea Control  
How to Keep your Homestead Dog Healthy Natural Flea Control  
 Keep your homestead dog healthy with vaccinations, a pet first aid kit and pet CPR. Use these natural flea control tactics to rid your dog of those tiny pests.    

DIY & Products

Deskunking Making Your Own Dog Food Homemade Treats
Get Skunk Smell off a Dog The Basics of Making Your Own Dog Food Healthy Homemade Dog Treats
Readers share their best tips for getting rid of skunk odor and more!
The story of weaning Samson, the family dog, off of processed foods and onto a healthier diet. Whip up delicious, healthy homemade dog treats in no time with these tasty recipes.
Composting Dog Poop Dog Packs for Hiking  
Advice on Composting Dog Poop Dog Packs for Hiking  
Killing toxic bacteria by composting dog poop is a necessary first step to fertilize your garden with it. Instead of a heavy hiking backpack, you might trysharing the load with your canine companion.