A Small Investment in a Pet Care Business Brings Big Profits

A small investment in a pet care business brings big profits for this home business, including how to gain customers, types of pet services to offer and tips on boarding and fee charges.

| July/August 1982

With vacationing pet owners searching for home-style animal care, it's a good time to start a pet care business with minimum investment and maximum profit home business! (See the pet sitting photos and diagram in the image gallery.)

A Pet Care Business Brings Big Profits

A few years back I suddenly found myself without a job. However, what could have been a disastrous—or, at the very least, unpleasant situation—actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. You see, once we were faced with the prospect of not having a regular source of income, my wife and I were forced to look into the possibility of starting a home business. And, after some thought, we settled on a highly profitable enterprise that I believe almost anyone could begin in his or her home—either on a full-time basis or for only a few hours a week—with a minimal cash investment. Just what was this gold mine we discovered? A total-care dog and cat business!

Believe it or not, our operation is as easy and enjoyable to run as it likely sounds to the animal lovers among you. The services we offer include bathing, dipping, trimming nails, grooming, boarding, walking, training, housebreaking, selling collars and leashes, and maintaining breed/stud files. And all these duties can be performed by any enterprising individual . . . at a surprisingly high profit.


First of all, don't believe everything you hear about the difficulties of going into business for yourself'. The professionals we've spoken to estimate that it takes anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 to open a full-scale kennel operation, but we actually encountered only a few minor costs in setting up our individualized dog and cat service.

We began preparations by converting part of our garage into a work area (although we later discovered that—weather permitting—it was much simpler to deal with the animals outside). We already had many basic grooming materials on hand for use with our own pets, and simply had to increase our stock of some of them. I'd estimate that purchasing a full supply of animal-care products, if we'd had to buy them all new, would have involved a cash outlay of about $90 . . . to which could be added the cost of a grooming table and a crate: two helpful but nonessential items (it's possible to rig up homemade substitutes).

harley dane
6/23/2008 12:56:25 PM

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