Paraffin-free GoodLight Natural Candles Launches in the United States

| 7/27/2010 5:38:44 PM

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Perfect for an evening of socializing out on the deck or an intimate meal at a table for two, GoodLight candles keep the mood bright and the air clean and are now available both online and in stores nationwide.

Paraffin versus Palm Wax

While they may look great on the tables of your favorite restaurant, bathing you and your friends in a soft glow, candles made from paraffin wax have a rather dirty secret.  You may have finally cut down on the sweets and upped the veggie intake, but wouldn’t you know, the paraffin candle next to your beet salad is quietly giving off the kind of toxins that you’d normally associate with a diesel truck. Recent studies have actually linked the chemicals found in paraffin candle fumes with cancer and birth defects.

GoodLight began making palm wax candles for one simple reason, to keep us all from breathing in these poisonous paraffin candle fumes.  Paraffin is made from petroleum, which means that it’s both toxic and non-renewable.  Palm wax, however, comes from palm fruit and is both non-toxic and renewable.  This makes palm wax candles a cleaner, healthier alternative to paraffin candles.  Palm wax is also less expensive than beeswax or soy wax, allowing GoodLight to offer the most affordable paraffin-free candles (by far) on the market. GoodLight candles actually cost the same as—or less than—many paraffin candles.


A Candle for Every Situation

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