Useful Outhouse Bathroom Decor

Improve your outhouse bathroom decor and sanitation with these tips and tricks.

| January/February 1979

The other day, as I thumbed through an agricultural weekly, I came upon a lament for the demise of the old homestead privy. As a day-to-day outhouse user, I don't have affectionate feelings about our outhouse, but I'm accustomed to it, I guess. I definitely don't find it an inconvenience like some of our more citified friends seem to.

I have to admit, however, that my initial reaction — when we moved to our country home two winters ago — was not as tolerant. The former tenants had left our outhouse (which had served a family of seven) uphill from the house and only 28 feet from the well.

We suffered through that first freezing winter, and tried not to think about outhouse runoff getting into the water supply. We also worried about outhouse sanitation as we poked the rising "unmentionable" stalagmite down with a two-by-four every day or so.

No one developed gastroenteritis, but come May, we cleaned out the whole pit and moved the outhouse 60 feet (and over a hill) from the well. Relief at last.

Outhouse Bathroom Décor

Outhouse decorations can be very important, so, to make the relocated outhouse more aesthetic, I gave it a coat of white paint (inside and out) and hung a small art exhibit on the walls for the edification of visitors (we have one neighbor whose outhouse decorations are erotic pictures and French postcards, but my tastes run more to the conservative). The bright paint and the artwork are enough for our outhouse bathroom décor inside while the summer wildflowers handle that chore outside with no assistance at all.

Decorations do much to help cheer us (and our guests) during periods of inactivity in the outhouse, but the most important part of outhouse bathroom décor is cleanliness.

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