One Woman Farm Book Boosts Spirits

| 11/6/2013 8:58:00 AM

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With so much depressing news coming at us from every direction, what a joy to read fellow Mother Earth News blogger Jenna Woginrich’s latest book, “One Woman Farm,” a yearlong peek into this gutsy, young homesteader’s life.

Photo by Linda Holliday

Partly because of Jenna’s delightful style in a subject I’m immensely interested in, I read the entire book in one sitting – a rare feat for me. Also, the book is filled with drawings by artist Emma Dibben, which gives the work a feel of a children’s storybook. Yet, Jenna’s writing is deep, philosophical and true to her heart.

Jenna chronicles the first year, month by month, on her very own Washington County, New York farmstead (Cold Antler Farm), a 6½ acre dream come true for the previous apartment-dwelling cubicle inmate.

As with most of my reading, I started “One Woman Farm” at bedtime and told myself, “I’ll just read until the April chapter and then turn out the light.” Well, April became June and then August. There was no point quitting then, since the book begins and ends in October, Jenna’s favorite month. I now have a greater appreciation myself for the “Days of Grace” month before the snow flies.

The morning after my reading marathon, I could hardly wait to run out to my own garden to ready it for winter, previously a gloomy task. Yanking up dead marigolds and tomato vines just seems wrong somehow. But, as I cut down brown asparagus stalks and piled leaves in our biggest raised bed, I kept thinking of Jenna’s book, and even brought it out to the garden with me.

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