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| March/April 1976

This page contains excerpts from issues of The American Agriculturist dated 1891.  

Raising Head Lettuce In Summer

James Leech , Allegheny Co., Pa., desires information about manure for lettuce. In our experience there is nothing better than ordinary barnyard manure, but, no matter what kind of manure is used, it is difficult to raise good, solid heads in hot and dry weather. A good deal depends on the kind of lettuce planted. The best heads we have ever been able to raise In summer were of the Deacon lettuce.

Keeping Jerusalem Artichokes

By W. H. Shaw, St. Francois Co., Mo 

Jerusalem artichokes may be wintered in the same manner as potatoes. The cooler they are kept without freezing the better they will come out In the spring. If it is a small quantity that Is to be kept, it Is better to put them in a frost-proof caller, in a barrel or box, and cover them with dry soil or sand.


B. S. X., Park City, Utah, desires to know whether a woman can manage an incubator alone, providing she has already some experience in raising chickens. Incubators can be managed by any intelligent adult, but of course there will be something to learn at first. All the incubators advertised In the American Agriculturist are reliable, differing only in preference and claims of manufactures.


By S. Rankin, Cincinnati. Ohio 

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