The Old Time Farm Magazine: Making Ice Cream, Waterproof Concrete, and Old Milk Cans

Read articles from old farm magazines that give advice on making ice cream, waterproof concrete and old milk cans.

| November/December 1978

Reprinted with permission from Successful Farming, copyright 1930, Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved. 

All Around the Farm : Prevent Frost and Reuse Old Milk Cans

We prevent frost from gathering on our windshield in this manner: A thin coat of glycerine is applied to both sides of the glass. This prevents the formation of moisture.—V. C. R., Kans.

Sometimes it is difficult to cut tarred roofing because it will stick to the knife blade. I find that by frequently dipping the blade into a small can of kerosene this trouble is prevented.—H. V., Wis.

After breaking several expensive dishes I learned that by placing a long handled spoon in the dish hot materials could be poured directly into the glass without cracking it.—Mrs. U. B., Ill.

The accompanying sketch will give you an idea of how I make useful equipment from worn out milk cans. After cutting of the tops, as indicated by the dotted lines, the edges are bent In so as not to be dangerous. These cans are very handy for carrying feed and for various other duties about the farm buildings.—W. Q., Minn. (Click on the "Image Gallery" to view the sketch."

Making Ice Cream

Delicious, easily prepared ice cream is made as follows: Whip a bottle (1 cupful) of cream until stiff, and fold in a cup of thoroly mashed fruit of any kind — bananas, strawberries, peaches, and the like, which has been mixed with 1 cupful of sugar. A tablespoonful of lemon juice heightens and enriches the flavor of any fruit. Sour cream (not too old) makes delicious ice cream used in the same way, omitting the lemon juice. Pour the mixture into a quart mold and pack solidly in finely cracked ice and rock salt, 3 parts ice and 1 of salt, for 3 or 4 hours. Baking powder cans make splendid molds for a small family and require very little ice to freeze. The contents of 1 can will serve 3 or 4 people.

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