The Old Time Farm Magazines: Honey Bees, Laying Eggs, and Sagging Gates

Read articles from old farm magazines that give advice on honey bees, laying eggs and sagging gates.

| September/October 1978

Reprinted by permission from Successful Farming, copyright 1927, Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.  

Laying Eggs: Paid for the Lights

Lewis White, a Pulaski County, Indiana, farmer started giving more careful attention to his poultry flock some years ago and by continually keeping records on all his farm enterprises, he learned that the poultry was paying him better than any other part of the farm enterprise.

Better feeding came first, then better breeding, the flock was tested for bacillary white diarrhea, then better housing facilities were provided. Then the "experts" commenced to talk lights to increase feed consumption which would mean increased egg production. The Whites debated for three or four seasons whether or not they should put in electric lights. They were told that the increased production in a single year would pay for installation of the lights. Finally four neighbors including White went together and got the "juice" out from the town two miles away.

The lights were turned on to both the hens and pullets the twenty-fifth of September. A little later White started to feeding an all-mash ration and while both this and the lights seem to have greatly increased egg production, White avers that the total egg receipts during October more than paid his share of the cost of getting the lights. He now believes that those who told him that he paid for lights whether he had them or not were telling the truth.—I. J. M., Ind.

Test the Gravel

Sometimes when concrete fails to set properly, we blame the cement, when perhaps the gravel is at fault.

Cement authorities tell us that gravel ought to be tested before it is used for concrete work, to determine its suitability. The test they suggest is made as follows:

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