The Old Time Farm Magazines:Getting Out Stains, Cinnamon Buns and Churning Cream

Read articles from old farm magazines that give advice on getting out stains, a cinnamon bun recipe, and churning cream.

| September/October 1977

Getting Out Stains

To Take Out Green Paint  

How can I take green paint off my crêpe dress? R.F.T.  

If the paint is very fresh hot, soapy water will usually wash it all off. A soft brush will assist in the removal. If paint is dried on it is much harder to remove. If such is the case try soaking the stain with turpentine. Patience and time will be required for this, and again the soft brush will help. A still older and dried stain means that there must be a softening of the paint before it can be removed. To soften it apply linseed oil. Turpentine should next be applied to dissolve the paint.

Blueberry Stains 

What will take blueberry stains off a new white silk gown? E. S. AIX.  

Pour lukewarm water through the spot, being careful to use just as little water as possible. If one fears to pour the water through lay a clean white cloth, folded in several thicknesses, under the stain; then with a clean white cloth over the end of the finger sponge the spot. Continue until the spot is removed. A water ring is likely to follow, because the new glaze of the silk has been injured. This ring can be almost and usually entirely removed by steaming. To do this tie a piece of white cloth over the spout of the teakettle. Place about an inch of water in the kettle and let boil hard. As the steam is forced out through the cloth shake that part of the garment containing the water ring in the steam. Continue until the fabric is evenly moist, and then withdrawing it from the steam, shake until dry. Sometimes the whole breadth containing the spot will need to be steamed.

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