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| January/February 1977

moo cow

With the right planning, dairy farming can be a year-round occurrence.


This page contains excerpts from issues of Successful Farming dated 1907.  


The farmers of the country are requested to contribute to this Department.  


Many farmers now pursue the method of all the year round dairying and find it a profitable one. With a fine product of butter a ready market is assured at good prices. Dealers like to find such producers for the reason that there is then a supply right along that can be depended upon.

This is quite different from summer dairying when with the advent of cold weather production ceases, leaving the dealer to look somewhere else for a supply.

To be successful with winter dairying requires suitable accommodations for the cows, the best kinds of forage and such grain feeds as will add to the value of the daily ration and all necessary care.

With these there should be little or no difficulty in making a fine quality of butter during the winter months, such as will be in quick demand at good prices. At this season of the year the work can be well attended to and found to be profitable. Where this practice is followed the cows should come fresh in milk during late autumn or early winter, or some for a more uniform supply of milk might plan to have them distributed through the year.

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