A Woman's Perspective on Off-Grid Living (with Video)

| 6/15/2016 8:52:00 AM

Tags: off grid living, women farmers, homesteading inspiration, Starry Hilder, Idaho,

Starry Hilder Living Off Grid and loving it!

Off-grid living from a woman’s perspective? Lately, I have been shaking my head with a slight upturned grin as I read and listen to “tales from the off-grid life of a woman” — as if we are living on a celestial planet, removed from all civilization, or at least, humanity!

It seems that many tales are arising from this  new, so-called “off-grid reality." It has been difficult to find a reliable source for us women to get a fair picture of what to expect. Before I went off-grid, I found myself wondering and asking, what's it like? Can I do it? Is there a disadvantage to being a woman off-grid? Can I survive?

Eight years ago, resources were scarce. But as time continues, media has picked up on the movement to develop its exposure via reality television and other unique media outlets, including YouTube. However, with that said, the floodgates of entertainment versus content have been becoming a issue.

Embellishment, distortion, and a capitalization on everything negative for purposes of captivating the audience have taken precedence. The network's job is to entertain. To feature an off-grid homestead showing us gardening, feeding the chicken, fishing, and taking out compost buckets lacks the thrill and excitement audiences are thirsting for.

So, networks find the “needle in the haystack,” fringe family that has no skills whatsoever yet decided to escape the city and live in a tepee with no running water or electricity. They showcase their struggle and label it as part of the off-grid movement.

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