Oakley's Birth Story - Part 2

| 5/25/2012 2:43:11 PM

Tags: homebirth, Riverside Midwifery, Suzanne Terry, Antonette Vasseur, Antonette Vasseur,

Oakleys BIrthAfter many weeks of prodromal labor and a baby who kept momma on the edge by constantly changing position, Suzanne goes into labor with a baby in posterior position. Hours of hard labor and many position changes later...this warrior momma is still going. Part 1 of Oakley's Birth Story can be read here: Oakley's Birth Story - Part 1. 

So here’s me, on all fours on our bed. I am at least lucid enough to realize that I don’t want to pee in our bed, but I have to go, and I will not be making it down the hall into the bathroom, plus I’m afraid of the awful pain from having contractions on the toilet. I grunt, in my primitive Birth Language, for Mr. T to get a chux pad and get it on the floor by my side of the bed. He realizes what I’m asking him to do and why, and immediately starts trying to persuade me into using the bathroom instead. 

“It’ll be okay; I’ll help you get there…,” he says. Nope. Do not care. Must pee now. Chux pad. Now. And so I shimmy my tush over the side of the bed and pee onto the floor. Like an animal, in front of my husband. And if you ask him to tell his version of the story, it was at this point that I began yelling at him and crying like a hot mess, “You think I’m disgusting, don’t you?! You don’t want to be married to me anymore, do you?!?!” And then I puked, and he had to clean that up, too. The man is a saint, people.

Around 8:00-ish, Bee finally woke up (she actually slept through the night! All this birthy racket going on, and my child -- who typically wakes up screaming if you step on a creaky floorboard three rooms down -- hadn't made a peep for the last 12 hours). Originally, we had planned to play things by ear during the birth with her. I secretly hoped that she would be able to be a part of it, but the reality of the situation was that this was no place for a nineteen month-old. We decided to phone my dear friend, Antonette, who graciously agreed to come and collect our toddler for the remainder of my labor. She agreed to this because she, like we, erroneously believed that it was almost over.

When Antonette arrived, I’d just been checked and was told I was just about complete -- 9.5 centimeters with a cervical lip, but very, very soft. We were going to start pushing, but first I was going to ride out a few contractions in bed to try to get some rest. Seeing her face was like breaking the surface after being submerged underwater. It jolted me awake. It gave me energy. Having had a beautiful and transformative HBAC herself, I’d drawn upon Antonette’s experience and her strength as a birth warrior throughout my pregnancy. Now that she was here, offering smiles and genuine words of encouragement, I was renewed. She left as quickly as she came, and the next thing I knew, the midwives and my husband surrounded me on the bed. It was time to meet this baby. It was now about 9:00 am.

The cervical lip and his posterior position were going to make this last stretch incredibly difficult without the midwives reaching into their bag of tricks. Liz told me that she wanted me in the McRoberts position -- flat on my back, with my knees pushed all the way back to my shoulders, while I crunched up (yes, just like when you’re doing a stomach crunch or sit-up), bearing down to push baby out. Sounds super fun, doesn’t it?

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