Choosing to Not Raise Pigs But Still Make Homemade Sausage

| 3/6/2017 8:39:00 AM

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Finished Homemade Sausage In Casings

Being a homesteader of modest size (the homestead, not me), I realize there are some benefits of being self-sufficient that we may not be able to experience. Like raising our own meats.

I have never been one to take on a project unless I am confident that I can do it properly, comfortably, and safely. When I decided to take the step from being a vegetable farmer to acquiring my first flock of chicks, I did so after two years of research and community involvement in order to learn all I could before bringing home tiny, little, fluffy lives that would be my responsibility.

After three years of successful chicken parenting and the immense delight that comes from cracking open your own farm-raised eggs, I toyed with the idea of going a bit bigger. After all, who doesn’t like bacon with their eggs?

Yes, I pondered raising pork. So, after another six months of research, meeting a few breeders and talking some friends into getting two piglets and visiting them a few times, I began to have second thoughts.

Deciding that Raising Pigs is Not for Us

The decision-clincher came one day while visiting our friends who had acquired the two piglets. (They had more land than me, and so they were easily convinced.) One day while visiting our friends, we went to see the pigs that, by then, had gotten to be good size. As we approached their fenced grazing area, we discovered they were not home. Off we went to search for the escapees.

We finally spot the pigs happily grazing on some lush grass, thankfully still on the property. As my husband approached them, they soon realized the jig was up and attempted to bolt. In one magnificent leap worthy of an Olympic medal, my husband flew through the air and gracefully grabbed both pigs, one under each arm, and landed gently on the ground face down.

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