New Stay-Clean Chicken Waterer

| 7/5/2012 8:23:49 AM

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The Chicken Kooler

“The Chicken Kooler is a “Stay Clean” chicken waterer that eliminates the need for dumping chicken water” says Len and Kathy Wogsland who are unban backyard farmers in Pensacola, Florida. In addition to growing organic vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, citrus trees, and tea plants, they also tend a happy flock of chickens. Loving their chickens, but hating to change the dirty chicken water, and concerned for their chicken’s health which included the quality of the meat and eggs inspired their creation of the new Chicken Kooler watering system. The Chicken Kooler is suitable for just about any backyard poultry with a unique EZ Access Lid so that you can easily add water, vitamins, electrolytes, etc, and specially designed drinker valves that can be easily taken apart if needed to clean, the Chicken Kooler is a dream come true for the backyard poultry enthusiast. With the optional Garden Hose Attachment Lid or Heater Lid the Chicken Kooler can be used in any climate.

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