Who Will Benefit from the National Animal ID System?

| 3/11/2009 3:45:14 PM

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The National Animal Identification System — what exactly will it mean for small- and medium-size farmers? By now you’ve likely heard our thoughts on the subject (in The Truth About the Animal ID Plan, and Speak Out Against NAIS), but here’s a number-crunching look at how NAIS will affect New York farmer Shannon Hayes, from yesterday’s op-ed in The New York Times.

3/16/2009 4:13:51 PM

Yes-- Clearly, there's no reason to trust the gov't with another beaurocratic program when they don't bother to enforce the regs they already have. See the peanut butter fiasco-- a whole slew of past violations went unremediated, unpublicized, and unpunished. At best, at very best, it's a well-intentioned idea that got co-opted right out of the gate. I'm sure you don't need me to put out the conspiracy-theory alternative possibilities. Scream all you want. Write angry letters. Fine. Whatever. IT DOESN'T SOLVE THE PROBLEM!!!! Come on, ladies and gentlemen. I have great respect for the MEN community. Y'all are a bunch of can-do types with great practical intelligence. You have inspired me no end in the few months I've been hanging around here. Given new initiative and new hope to a cynical Rust Belt brat married to a lazy, stuck-in-his-ways soon-to-be EX-suburbanite. If you can do that, you can do anything. I'm still waiting for the glimmers of practical solutions I can write my representatives with. I'm not asking for brilliant ideas here-- just some "This is what we can do instead" suggestions. One thing I've learned running around with NeoPagans-- anger is a great motivator, but by itself it doesn't get anything accomplished. The guys in Washington are dumb. They're waiting for someone to tell them what to do. The big business lobbyists are always willing to step in, tell them what to do, and make it attractive into the bargain. Changing the system may or may not be a waste of time... ...but, if we all work together so that everyone's investment of time is minimal (it's chore season, even for a back-yard gardener like me), we have (hopefully) nothing to lose by trying.

Ed Zyskowski
3/14/2009 9:10:51 PM

Livestock tracking? For what purpose? Illness tracking? Please !!! As humans go we can't even properly track the flu! Now they need to track animals?!!?? Sure! If the tracking was meant for good but I doubt it. Every day more and more freedoms are cut into.... More and more family farms have to answer for what??? This angers me just as the big brother attitude I've seen so many times as of late angers me. Bird flu, pig flu... I have very little to say about RFID chips and NAIS.... Do I trust the government in regards to this ? NO !!!! Case in point. PLUM ISLAND Do your homework, especially in NY State. I've experienced their handiwork. From what my household went through (and this sounds like X-Files) "Trust No One." Of course... I could be wrong and all they want to track is animal flatulence. (Maybe they should start in Congress.)

3/12/2009 1:20:30 PM

I'm hoping I'll find at least half a dozen solutions, or the suggestions thereof, that I can include in my next letter to my representatives (and, probably more productively, in my next letter to Mr. and Mrs. Blue-Collar America, aka Mom and Dad). Because those people DO care. They work HARD. They were a force for social change back in their day, and they still have that force in their hearts and their hands. They're willing to make change, and to make changes. As I've said before, they just have to see that it's both possible and practicable, and be given the rudiments of how to do it.

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