My Recent Reality Checks

| 3/9/2012 3:33:03 PM

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Once again I’d like to thank everyone who reads and comments on the blog. Yesterday I had one of those personal epiphanies thanks to our reader Amy. She was commenting on the video blog that we posted about how our chickens had faired this winter. She wrote:

“What a great video! I’m sitting in my cubicle, working and saving for our move to the country, and this was totally inspiring.”

Reading that comment was like being slapped in the head. A good, wake-up sort of slap in the head. First off, it was nice to get positive feedback about a video. They are actually a lot of work. After filming something I use Final Cut Pro to edit, which involves watching the video through and setting “In” and “Out” capture points to grab short bits of video. Then I have to sit while it replays it and saves it into a QuickTime file. Then I have to pull them all into a timeline and add titles, music, fades… etc., etc., etc. Then I have to figure out which of 11 million formats I should use to export it to so that it’s optimized for YouTube watching. So I appreciate it when someone leaves a comment and makes it all worth it.

But really, what was even better was the thought that someone had enjoyed it while working in an office. I think it’s human nature to feel that the grass is greener somewhere else. “It would be way better if only I was…” “I’d be happier if…” I suffer from this. I also struggle with going to the dark side. So often when I’m zoning out in the garden or hauling firewood on sleds in the winter, I suddenly realize that I’ve been dwelling on something toxic. That’s when I say to myself, “Really Cam? You’re in the woods, in the middle of paradise, doing exactly what you always wanted to do, but… someone makes more money than you, or slighted you, or has a much nicer vehicle than you, or… or … or … What is your problem? Smarten up!”

I fight this impulse, but it’s always there. In the words of Bruce Springsteen “There’s a Darkness on the Edge of Town.” Heck, even when he was rolling in cash and everything was going his way, Tony Soprano went to the dark side.

I’ve been much better at staying positive ever since Michelle had to deal with breast cancer a year and half ago. That was the ultimate wake up call to reality. I find I am worrying less and less about the little stuff and enjoying everything I do way more. It’s easy to forget what a gift this all is until you get that wake up call.

moose wolsey
3/10/2012 11:07:25 AM

Looking forward to your next blog, and especially another video from your homestead... Great stuff!

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