My Pioneering Women - A Modern Homesteader's Family Tree

| 4/9/2011 6:06:33 PM

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 Homesteading pioneers 

 I'm not a pioneer woman. I'm not even really a homesteader.  Not in the historical sense of the word, anyway.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the pioneering women in my lineage.  It goes without saying that my homesteading journey is different than that of the pioneer women in my ancestral line.  As much as I like to think I'm living a 'homesteading life', it really doesn't compare to what these hardy homesteading women experienced - in the least.  I've also been pondering how they recorded their experiences - in journals, in letters home to their mothers and fathers... sort of a 'pioneer woman blog' if you will.  I'm so grateful I have access to those journals and letters from my great grandmothers.  Their stories inspire me, and give me a tiny glimpse into how their days and nights.

Here’s how our lives compare:

How We Ended Up on a Homestead

Great-great-grandmother Mary Ann: Left a comfortable life in New York City to accompany her husband in nearly three weeks of travel via boat and covered wagon to Brookings, South Dakota. The picture is something straight out of “Little House” – a young couple pack up all their wordly belongings and their young child (my great grandmother Mary, born in 1878) into a wagon, tie their only cow to the back, and head out for a new life in a sod house on a ‘barren’ prairie.

 My great-grandmother's city house. 

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