My Own Private Skating Rink

| 2/13/2013 7:14:09 AM

Tags: ponds, skating, winter, nature appreciation, Cam Mather,

Sunday was another Red Letter Day at Sunflower Farm! 

We enjoyed lots of sunshine to charge up the batteries. I spent the morning in the forest cutting firewood in the morning. I skated on my own private skating rink in the afternoon. 

The rink is awesome right now. I like to joke with Michelle that it’s worth $900 a day! Here’s how I figure this. The sun is up by 8 am and goes down after 5 pm. So this leaves 9 hours of daylight. The arena in town rents ice time for $100/hour, so I figure with 9 hours this rink could be making me $900/day! How great is that! 

I’m not sure I could bear to rent it out though. It’s pretty nice to just have it for ourselves. In fact, it’s totally awesome. Having a rink makes me feel like a millionaire. Nope I don’t have an indoor swimming pool, or personal bowling alley in my house, but I have a skating rink. My own personal skating rink! And I didn’t even have to flood it! Mother Nature did that for me. 

This year the rink has grown in fits and starts. It was small at the start of the year, then we got a dumping of snow and I figured that there’d be no rink at all. Then we got April weather in January and all the snow melted and then we got some rain, and it froze again, this time twice the size! With climate change I’m starting to accept that my skating pond will never be a sure thing, which makes me appreciate it even more when I do have one. 

Michelle skated with me for a while this afternoon. We talked about our daughters, tried to figure out the names of the characters from Downton Abbey and solved most of the world’s problems. 

2/20/2013 4:47:06 AM

Great post. I am in Amherst, outside Buffalo and grew up playing pond hockey. Your stories above brought me right outside with you. Searching through the snow for an errant puck, shearing off the tops of the weeds poking through early in the season with skate blades and an army of snow shovels clearing the rink for the days action and tying skates with frozen fingers are all great memories. Thanks for sharing.

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