My Chickens Resemble Captain Jack Sparrow

| 6/29/2011 10:26:56 AM

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That’s how I see my chickens. No really. Oh sure, you think of “swashbuckling” in terms of a male pirate, swinging from ropes on tall ships and my chickens are definitely females.

pirate chicken


First off I resent the fact that you’d think that females can’t be swashbuckling. What about Geena Davis in “Cutthroat Island?”  

This was a great movie. Unfortunately when it was released in 1995 audiences didn’t seem ready to accept a female in the lead role, even though Geena was awesome, and oh yes, she also happens to belong to MENSA too which means that she’s in the top 2% of the smarty pants people. So she’s smart and swashbuckling, and she was even an Olympic athlete too. So if you have one of those web-based movie services that is slowing down the internet that rents old movies, this one’s worth it.

It was the original Pirates of the Caribbean-type movie, but with Geena playing Johnny Depp’s role. Speaking of Johnny Depp’s character, our HelpXer Melissa introduced me to this great SNL skit with Michael Bolton singing homage to Captain Jack Sparrow. It’s got to be funny because 21 million people have watched it.

6/29/2011 10:02:19 PM

Wow, your girls are pretty funny. And itn't life strange, with your connection to Jonny Depp and all?

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