Moving Tips for Homesteaders-to-Be

| 4/7/2014 1:06:00 PM

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This month has brought great change to our household. In my last update, I explained that we were on the hunt for a homestead of our own but that after months of scouring and searching, we were growing discouraged. Finally one night, one of us whispered: “Maybe we should just accept that we won’t get the land we want. We’ll live somewhere until the kids graduate and then buy a farm.” The notion hung in the air like a curse. We were resolved to keep the kids in the school district, but at what cost? Another eight to 10 years of creating a home, only to sell it, move again (ugh), and then finally have the life we want? We were conflicted, to say the least.

The next night, we got an email from our Realtor. I wasn’t particularly excited but opened it anyway and found myself looking at a quaint little brick Cape. Nice, I thought and scrolled down. Five bedrooms? Check. Huge kitchen. Yes. On budget? You bet! Six acres. WHAT?! Needless to say, we went to see it the next day and put in an offer. Six people came to see it after us, so we needed to act fast. And what do you know? We close on April 15!

Michelle's New Homestead: Front YardNow the fun begins. We’ve been living with boxes everywhere since initiating the purchase of the house that fell through, but we’ve decided to purge everything that won’t have a place or a purpose at the new homestead.

Homestead Moving Tips

Speaking of purging, some moving tips:

Utilize your bulk trash days. We only have a few left from now until the move date, so we have a plan to throw out any battered furniture every Thursday. Then we don’t have to take anything to the dump or pay to have it hauled away.

Take room measurements during the home inspection. Then you can play around with layouts using Urban Barn. Planning furniture placement ahead of time makes it easier to maximize your movers’—or the friends’ that you’ve bribed—efficiency. The website is also handy for design plans. I printed out my layout for each room and stapled paint samples and other design details to each page.

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