A Mama Hen's Worst Fears: Moving Chicks Into the Henhouse

| 8/5/2013 2:08:00 PM

Tags: backyard poultry, chickens, raising livestock, New Hampshire, Wendy E.N. Thomas,

It is with a true sense of the bittersweet that I report:

“Houston, we do not have a problem.”

Our two black copper Marans juveniles spent last night in their “big girl beds” and, more importantly, they lived to tell about it this morning (visions of Violet, our chick who met an untimely death after we had introduced her to the flock, haunted me all night). The Marans pair had spent weeks being integrated with the regular flock as they all free ranged on our lawn. However, after one disastrous session where they were pecked unmercifully in the coop, until yesterday they’ve spent their nights in the solitary and yet complete protection of the “juvie-house” (our rabbit hutch, now outdoor nursery). Marans chickens

Last night, as it started to get dark, I asked the boys to put the chickens away.

Being boys, (and being very literal) they put all the chickens back into the coop, including my very dear Josephine and Mrs. (Mr.) Bucket, our two juveniles.

Later in the evening, when I looked out to the coop, I realized their mistake.

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