Mobile Home Roofing and Par-cel Cutting Celery

| 9/12/2012 9:17:15 AM

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sweet potato harvesting with some manure hauling along with celery and mobile home roofing

We harvested some huge sweet potatoes last week. Do tubers get any bigger than this?

Putting a new roof on our mobile home turned out to be easier than we thought.

Our attempt at growing Par-cel cutting celery worked and might be worth trying if you like the taste of celery.

Organizing a local seed swap might be a good way to meet like minded people in you area.

Oil seed radishes need to be planted now so they have enough time before the cold weather.

Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton are feeling the summer of 2012 coming to a screeching halt. Check out their WaldenEffect blog for details on how they have a Fall garden going in full swing. They make and sell a new type of chicken waterer that helps keep the drinking water for chickens as clean as a whistle.  

4/1/2014 5:24:45 AM

Reroofing yourself is a tough job. If you notice a leak on a structure like a mobile home that keeps coming back or changing spots, there is something else going on. You should think of your roof as a with different components that should work together. Once you have the different components in your head, you can identify why the leak keeps recurring. Note things like weather conditions and temperatures. Many times the material underneath the outer roofing layer expands and contracts, allowing space and moisture to collect underneath the roofing materials. College Station roofers see this all of the time on older mobile home roofs and most of the time the only permanent fix is replacing the roof.

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