Measured Out in Coffee Spoons

| 3/28/2012 8:10:19 AM

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In my on-going “life as a song lyric” series, where I live vicariously through music, I was recently taken back to my suburban life. It was one of those “angry Cam” days when a whole series of things had me in a pissy mood… climate change/idiots & morons/May weather in March exposing my garlic plants too early/cynical politicians… the list can be endless.

I used to watch and love the TV show called “Northern Exposure” which had an ensemble cast of eccentrics and was set in a small town in Alaska. I wanted to go there and be part of that community. My musical taste often tended to tunes that reinforced this idyllic view of the country that I had. I'm not much of a reader of poetry, but I love listening to the lyrics, which are just a form of poetry. I once read that Leonard Cohen had been desperate to be a poet, but no one paid any attention to him until he started putting his poetry to music.

In 1991 a Canadian band called “The Crash Test Dummies” came on the scene with “Superman’s Song” in which they talked about just how committed Superman really was to crime fighting. They suggested that he could have broken into any bank he wanted and yet just worked as a humble newspaper reporter to pay his rent.

Michelle loved The Crash Test Dummies because leader singer Brad Roberts has this unbelievably deep, baritone voice. I did get my diploma in radio broadcasting from Loyalist College, but even first thing in the morning I can’t compete with him. I would need a lifetime of cigarette smoking and whiskey drinking to even be in his league.

There’s another song on the album called “The Country Life” in which Brad considers how great it would be great to live in the country:

“We would spend so many lovely days

We’d have chickens and cows and corn and whatever it is farmers raise

At breakfast each morning we’d fry up our own hand-picked eggs

We could be happy in the country”

As our desire to leave suburbia grew I found this song entering my psyche more and more. And now that we have chickens I’ve got to say, there is simply no greater luxury than cooking up eggs from the happy chickens that wander outside our back door.

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