Maximize Ranch Profits with Tips for Using Livestock Scales

| 10/14/2016 10:44:00 AM

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Taking care of livestock, whether on a smaller farm or a commercially-driven ranch, can be enhanced in many ways. One vital aspect is the use of the correct livestock scales to gauge the growth and health of your livestock as well as accurately determining weight to maximize profits derived from livestock.

What Should You Know for Using Livestock Scales?

Whether you have chosen a manual or electronic livestock scaling system, it is a good idea to keep some basic pointers in mind to ensure that you make the most of your scale. Whether you are in the process of selecting a scale or are looking to upgrade, these general guidelines will work toward increasing your profitability potential:

Figure out your needs and usage. It’s important to know exactly what information you expect to receive from your livestock scale. You could be looking to maximize your profits by producing beef more efficiently, or to track the growth of your livestock by assessing how much feed you provide them and the weight they have gained as they grow. Electronic scales are a great help when keeping records of weight for dozens of animals.

A scale indicator memory will store cattle ID tags with weight measurements for convenient data retrieval, when connected to management spreadsheet software. Alternatively, an EID (Electronic ID) reader attached to your scale can automatically upload ID tags without manual effort.

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